Katherine Cline | Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

Katherine Cline

Katherine Cline is currently pursuing a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at the University of North Texas. Her research focuses on the impact of humans on the health of watersheds through her study of aquatic ecology and specifically aquatic entomology and macroinvertebrates.

Katherine worked with Dr. James Kennedy in the U.S. and with Dr. Tamara Contador in Chile.

About her IRES experience, Katherine says, "I was mentored by Dra. Tamara Contador and Dr. James Kennedy during my study of chironomid exuviae along the altitudinal gradient of the RĂ³balo watershed. It was my first real time away from Texas and getting to work all day in clear streams in the mountains was like being in a fantasy world. This experience gave me exposure to a different culture, the opportunity to work independently and design my own research project, and work with many brilliant scientists."

Katherine presented her research at the Society for Freshwater Science conference in Salt Lake City, UT in May. Her poster was titled, "An Analysis of Chironomidae Surface-Floating Pupal Exuviae Along a Sub-Antarctic Altitudinal Gradient."