Marysia Borucinska-Begg | Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

Marysia Borucinska-Begg

Marysia Borucinska-Begg studied at the University of Connecticut pursuing a BA in Political Science with an emphasis on Environmental Studies. Her research intersects public-land relations and conservation measures that work to ensure meaningful experiences in natural areas, while maintaining the integrity of the landscape and terrain in a sustainable and responsible way.

Maryisa worked with mentors Dr. Bernard Goffinet and Dr. Ricardo Rozzi in the U.S. and with Maria Teresa La Valle and Paola Vezzani in Chile.

Marysia says about her experience, "The IRES experience taught me to simultaneously ingest community specific to global biological, social, and philosophical concepts - in both Spanish and Indigenous languages. My time in the Sub-Antarcic region of Chile provided me with the humility and motivation to rescind the notion of a withdrawn, hyper-academic, even lonely platform as the only way in which to study people's relationship to their environment with critical lenses from Philosophy, Politics, Ecology, and beyond.

Marysia will present her research at:

The 2019 Ecological Society of America and United States Society for Ecological Economics Joint Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky on August 13. Her presentation is titled, "Bringing Bryophytes to the forefront of conservation methods in the southernmost protected areas of Chile" co-authored by Loni Taber, Travis Wright, Sara McGillewie, MarÍa Teresa La Valle, Ricardo Rozzi, Paola Vezzani, Javiera Malebrán, Shaun Russell, and Bernard Goffinet.