Teri Landrum | Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

Teri Landrum

Teri Landrum is a graduate student at the University of North Texas pursuing a Master of Science degree in Applied Anthropology and a concurrent Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Teri has previously earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Anthropology and in Geography, with a minor in Biology. Her main research area involves environmental/ecological anthropology, specifically in the deconstruction/reconstruction of gender roles in outdoor recreation as well as environmental justice as it pertains to the creation of national parks and public lands.

Teri worked with mentors Dr. Jaime Jiménez, Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, and Dr. Adam Dunstan in the U.S. and with Dr. Jaime Jiménez and Nancy Rose Houston in Chile.

Teri says about her experience, "Participating in the IRES has been a life changing experience. As a first year graduate student, the knowledge and skills that I obtained from participating and preparing for the IRES provided the foundation I needed to excel in my thesis preparation coursework as well as secure a fascinating applied thesis project at Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area."

Teri plans to presented her research at:

The 1st North-South Conference on Degrowth-Descrecimiento will be held in Mexico City, Mexico. Her presentation is titled, "Environmental Field Philosophy: Multiple Lenses for the Decolonization of Social Imaginaries" at a Special Session titled, "Biocultural Homogenization in Formal Education: Approaches for Overcoming It Through Field Environmental Philosophy."