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Welcome to the official website for the International Association of Bryologists 2015 World Conference

Photos from the IAB Conference.

The next meeting of the International Association of Bryologists will be held in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve at the Omora Ethnobotanical Park on Navarino Island, Chile from January 11th to 15th, 2015. This meeting provides a forum for bryologists to share research with colleagues from around the world. The conference will feature symposia, contributed papers and posters. We look forward to welcoming you to IAB 2015, and are eager to make your participation a productive and memorable experience.

The major themes are as follows:

  • Sub-Antarctic Bryology
  • Bryophyte Biology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Evolutionary Community Ecology
  • Phylogeny & Systematics
  • Phylogeography & Biogeography
  • Art, Ethics & Bryophyte Ecology

Postulación a Becas / Fellowship competition

El Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad y la International Association of Bryology apoyarán la participación de estudiantes y entregarán becas parciales de viaje para los estudiantes sudamericanos (IEB) o de otros lugares (IAB). Se dispone de becas de ± US $500. Tendrán preferencia aquellos estudiantes con presentaciones orales o posters y que a la vez demuestren disponibilidad de otros financiamientos para cubrir sus gastos. La postulación para las becas de viaje se abrirán el 1 hasta el 31 de agosto a través de un sitio web y los ganadores se darán a conocer el 15 de septiembre.

The Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB) and the International Association of Bryology (IAB) encourage student participation and will provide limited travel grants to students from South America (IEB) or abroad (IAB). Travels awards of ± US $500 may be available. Preference will be given to students actively participating through either an oral or poster communication, and to students demonstrating availability of matching funds. Application for travel award will begin August 1 to August 31st via website and awards will be announced by September 15th.

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The organizing committee thanks Amanda Dunnavant for the illustration used for the logo and Rahul Mathews and Ramiro Crego for the design of the IAB2015 logo.