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TDP 2014-2015

UConn Student-Faculty Group at Cerro Bandera, above Omora Ethnobotanical Park (55oS), Navarino Island, Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile on January 13, 2015.

From left to right: Edward Eseppi, Andrew Galinsky, Alex Trouern-Trend (above), Bernard Goffinet, Erika Mayer, Bob Capers, Alyssa Bucci, Nina Franzen, Jeff Hammond, Alex Minalga, Wyatt Million.

TDP 2013-14


Sub-Antarctic Forests

Lichens and Mosses

TDP Course

This is a PDF slideshow from the TDP 2014-2015 course that was created by Jeff Hammond, a student at the University of Connecticut, and presented to the Study Abroad officials at UCONN. It is split into two parts and the first part displays pictures from Punta Arenas through Robalo, while the second part displays Omora through Cerro la Bandea.