Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, UNT Philosophy Professor and President of Chile, Ms. Michelle Bachelet

Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, UNT Philosophy Professor and President of Chile, Ms. Michelle Bachelet

UNT students and faculty in the mountains by the Robalo River watershed near Puerto Williams, Chile

Campsite and tent on the mountain near the Robalo River watershed area

Studying Bryophytes in Southern Chile...

Exploring the Miniature Forests of Cape Horn...

"Tracing Darwin's Path" students pause for lunch. In the distance, Robálo Mountain Range...

The TDP classroom experience...

Entrance to Omora Ethnobotanical Park

Studying birds in Cape Horn

Tourism with a handlens

VIII Southern Connection Congress 2016

Southern Connection links scientists interested in the natural sciences across the southern hemisphere, with emphasis on temperate ecosystems. Southern Connection aims to highlight research on shared yet divergent biotas and cultures, and their histories in different lands and oceans, in order to contribute solutions to sustaining species and ecosystem services and to discuss state of the art research approaches. Comparative studies with non-southern hemisphere temperate ecosystems are also of interest to Southern Connection.

Biocultural Conservation Editorial Line

The Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program editorial line seeks to enhance the dynamic relationship between a network of collaborators. A creative methodological approach for students is developed as they work to translate texts. There is the creation of an interregional dialogue between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The integrated relationship of biological and cultural aspects of environments is made explicit in discourse and discussion. The books are interdisciplinary texts useful for students and researchers, but also for readers unfamiliar with the region and the research. Each book invites the reader to enhance their biological and cultural knowledge, but also excites their imaginations with vivid images and beautiful stories.