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Parque Omora: Una Nueva forma de ver Aves

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A tiny forest on the tip of the world

Tierra del Fuego, a remote, windswept archipelago at the bottom of South America, might offer little in terms of animals and trees, but when it comes to lichen, fungi and bryophytes (the collective name for mosses, liverworts and hornworts) it is among the richest corners of the planet. Please read the following story here on the

National Geographic Expedition to Cape Horn: A Scientific and International Ecological Tourist Destination

National Geographic's Expedition Cruise ship, Plan B will be setting off to Cape Horn to explore the mammal marine life on January 30, 2017. Alex Munoz is the Latin American director of the show, "Pristine Seas." This is a National Geographic program dedicated to exploring the most pristine areas of the earth and protecting them. They will be using the Drop Cam to captivate the underwater sea life as well as having twelve scientific specialist on board whom will be documenting findings in the duration of the fourteen day cruise. The specialized cameras can reach depths of 2,000 meters.

Meeting with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet

Chile Polo de Investigacion Subantarctica

Please read the article written by our Chilean Journalist, Fabian Campos (in Spanish). Thank you.

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