Grant Funded | Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program
September 22, 2016

Grant Funded

A grant submitted by Dr. Tamara Contador (PI) to Instituto Antarctico Chileno (INACH) was recently funded--

The grant "Dípteros en regiones sub-Antárticas y Antárticas: ¿están listos para los cambios?" (Dipterans in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions: are they ready for the changes?) was funded approximately $77,100.00 US.

James H. Kennedy, UNT, and Peter Convey, British Antarctic Institute, served as International Collaborators with Dr. Contador on this grant.

Dr. Contador is an Assistant Professor at the University of Magallanes, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad, Las Palmera 3425, Ñuñoa, Santiago), and the Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program, Omora LTSER Ethnobotanical Park (Programa de Conservación Biocultural Subantártica, Parque Etnobotánico Omora LTSER.).