Dr. José Tomás Ibarra | Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

Dr. José Tomás Ibarra

University of British Columbia, Canada
Natural History, Ecology, and Animal Biodiversity

My research interests are centred on three main topics: (i) natural history; (ii) the study of the influence of multiple factors (e.g., habitat, climate, fires, biotic interactions and land-use changes) in shaping current state of both taxonomic and functional animal biodiversity in forests, agroforests and mountains; and (iii) the study of human-wildlife relationships and traditional ecological knowledge. These broad topics are intertwined and are also driven by practical problems. The first has much to offer to contemporary ecologists in the creative process of generating novel research questions. The second provides sound scientific guidelines to practical problems of wildlife and ecosystem management. Finally, the third because I perceive that a better understanding of how local social systems have developed management practices for dealing with the dynamism of ecosystems, based on ecological knowledge, will promote environmental, cultural and social sustainability.